Welcome To How To Pick Up Girls

Welcome To How To Pick Up Girls

Learning how to pick up girls is an art that can easily be taught. Whilst easy, many men fail to follow the basics steps required for success and over complicate things. For this reason men need to learn the basics steps in how to pick up girls with as little effort as possible.

Throughout this site you will find a number of articles that will help you to learn how to pick up girls. It is thoroughly recommended that you read over them.

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One of the most important things we need to learn as guys is how to pick up girls.  Once we have mastered the art we will never be lonely and will always feel confident in finding a partner that we want to be with.  If your current relationship is bad then maybe you should consider some of my tips here on how to pick up girls and replace your current girl.  Maybe just being armed with your new found skills will give you the confidence to stand up to your current girl knowing that you can always find someone else if things don’t work out.  Ok so here are some of my tips.

How to pick up girls – Tip 1.  Find them!

If you were like me when I first became single I really had no idea on how to pick up girls.  I didn’t know where to find them let alone what to say to one when I did find someone I was interested in.  So the first thing you need to do is work out where the girls are going to be.  Are they in a night club, do they hang around the local hotel or perhaps a coffee shop.  Are there lots of single girls at the local shopping mall or supermarket?  Wherever they are is where you need to be.

How to pick up girls – Tip 2.  What sort of girl do you like?

Once you work out where the girls are the next thing you will need to do is work out what sort of girl you like.  If you like sporty girls then maybe you need to go to a gym or fitness centre.  Obviously that is where you will find that type of girl.  If you like surfy girls then the beach and bars in that vicinity are the places to go.  Maybe the library is the place to find the type of girl that you are attracted to.  You can always go to a night club and stumble across what turns you on there.

How to pick up girls – Tip 3. Say hello!

Once you have found a group of girls you like, or even a single stray girl on her own and you have completed your observations to make sure they are single and not with the local wrestling team, go and say hello.  This is where most guys go wrong.  You HAVE to say hello because it is very rare that a single girl is going to come up and say hello to you. You don’t have to have any fantastic pick up lines, far from it.  Simply walk up, say hello and introduce yourself.  Ask her what her name is and where she is from.  Find out a little bit about her and try and start a conversation.  If she is interested she will enter into a conversation with you.

How to pick up girls – Tip 4.  Hang on every word!

If you have got her talking then you really need to listen to what she is saying.  Hang on every word she is saying and show genuine interest in what she is saying.  Remember we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Girls love to talk about themselves so all we have to do is get them talking and then listen.  Ask her some questions about something she tells you and build on the conversation.  Make sure you remember what she is telling you and most importantly ensure you remember her name.  I have taken to writing it down or even putting it on the screen of my cell phone, just in case I forget.

How to pick up girls – Tip 5.  Give her a compliment.

When you compliment a girl don’t make it a stupid compliment.  Tell her that she has a nice dress or shirt r pants.  Tell her that her hair looks nice or compliment her on her jewellery.  And whatever you do don’t compliment her on the size of her breasts or how great her butt looks in those jeans.  Whilst that might work on occasions, generally you will get a slap across the face and end up going home alone.

There are literally thousands of tips I could give you but these are a few of the basics that have served me well and allowed me to pick up girls in all sorts of places.  Once you actually try it really does get easier.